Offering unparalleled press coverage, "We build unique relationships with local, national, and international media outlets."

We have a strong record of securing top-tier press coverage that in turn consistently delivers impressive results for our clients. We’re an experienced team with diverse backgrounds, so we can offer customised solutions that match your specific needs.

Our Services

Devising A Media Plan

Select key messages for your brand, its products and services, and your target audience, along with any information that might be useful to come up with appealing story angles that we can pitch to the media.

Press Releases & Media Tools

Create press releases, prepare your opinion pieces, features, news stories, thought leadership statements and content for potential leads and press opportunities.

Global Outreach

Secure top-tier coverage in both sector-specific and mainstream publications. Monitor all media coverage for you.

About Us


Our team of journalists, media relations and PR experts has more than a decade a of working with international clients and providing support services to ensure their success.



Help our clients build brand recognition by communicating with their customers and leverage the power of our connections with the media to help them communicate with all their stakeholders effectively and reach out to their target audience.